Manicka is the Clinical Director of Kindred Connections Therapy Center.  She also started Thomas Community Consulting to provide professional development training for social workers, counselors and helping professionals. 

As a frustrated social worker who could not find any culturally relevant training to help her solve problems that she observed within her community, Manicka's goal is to offer courses and trainings to professionals around the world that are relevant to the culture and easily accessible.


With her easy to follow step-by-step approach to learning, Manicka inspires counselors, and social workers to gain the culturally relevant education  needed to solve community problems.  

Through her various entrepreneurial initiatives she empowers burned out and overworked helping professionals to overcome self doubt and fear by taking ownership of their own healing, emotional awareness and personal development. 




Manicka is an approved provider of Continuing Education through the Ohio Counselor, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapist Board. Her courses are appropriate for licensed professionals holding various credentials and who work in social service, education, behavioral or mental health settings.  She is also able to meet organizational training needs. 

More About Me

Named by Dayton Business Journal as a 40 Under 40 Honoree
2018 NASW Agency of the Year for Kindred Connections Therapy Center 
Can’t get enough of HGTV
I love to Roller Skate
I am most active on my YouTube channel where I publish videos every Monday that help boost your competence and confidence in the Social Work profession.

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